District Entrance Exam Performance Enhancement & Research
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DEEPER- A breather to CET Examinees

DEEPER (District Entrance Examination Performance Enhancement & Research) is self oriented autonomous educational activity for the benefit of the students appearing for CET examination. Deeper is providing a conducive atmosphere for exponential growth of the students as far as CET examination, its systems, its facts are concerned. This activity is jointly ventured by Principals, Professors, Parents, Educationist, and well wishers of Pune and Maharashtra. Deeper is mainly responsible to expose bare facts, through its surveys and comparative charts, that ROM Division ( Rest of Maharashtra),in past 3-4 years is lagging behind Vidarbha & Marathwada . Results of Pune especially are far lower then expectations.

It is known fact, that marks obtained in CET examination are a decisive factor for future evaluation of students as far as higher technical & professional studies are concerned. Deeper, through its examinations of DCT conducted in 2007&2008, has put forth its observations to prove that, this very important examination, which is stepping stone for prosperous career of students, is not at all given a serious consideration by students, and as a result they fail to score required marks in CET examinations, and pass out with shattered dreams of their careers, as compared to students of Vidarbha & Marathwada stated above.

Ever since the authorities have stopped considering HSC score for seeking admissions in higher professional studies such as Engineering, Medical and other such courses, it has become mare formality for students to appear for HSC examination, as for them it is only gateway to CET. Students tends to keep themselves absent at regular collage classes for 12th, which is evident from the deserted classrooms. Excellent performance in HSC examination is thumb rule for the evaluation of college in the eyes of the Government Authorities, and not how college performs in CET, vis-à-vis students prime attention is marks scored in CET examination to enable them to secure admissions in higher studies, which is a factual chaos.

Various choices are available to prepare for CET examinations with students, since this is mandatory for students for higher professional studies. To add more salt in it, misleading advertisements keeps parents and students in dark about factual motive of CET, so they are in utter confusion to choose right direction of studies. For such duel situation, parents are mainly responsible as because their interest is limited to only with their own ward, and their concern is only with the problems, related to that particular year. Once their ward is successful, then remaining happenings and activities remains mare news for them, for which they are least bothered. Certain factors connected with CET process directly or indirectly, takes full advantage to benefit themselves from these loop holes, in this mad race of competition .Potential of talented students crushes in this leg pulling.Most sufferers are students from city of PUNE which is educational capital/pilgrim of education of Maharashtra.

This situation is prevailing in every district more or less. A platform was needed to clear the confusions in the minds of parents and students, and to clarify them with all necessary information and factual motive of CET exams., well before its schedule.

Deeper stood firmly behind students & their parents and played a pivotal role to bridge the vacuum. DCT Examination held by DEEPER is only sequal examination to CET, held on large scale all over Maharashtra, at a time. This DCT examination is of acute importance to the students as it crosses all barriers and limitations of any test examination conducted by college, classes, test series etc. As DCT is self assessing process for the students, their curiosity & excitement is at its peak right from filling examination forms up to its results.

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